Welcome to Soowon Galbi
The Best Korean BBQ Restaurant in LA.

If you want to experience Korean barbeque at its best, go to Soowon Galbi.

The meat is top quality, and the signature Soowon wang galbi (tender, prime beef short
ribs) is delicious that you won’t be able to stop at one order.
Soowon marinates the galbi for 48 hours so that every fiber is permeated with rich flavor.
And you barbeque over live coals, which is not only fun but makes the meat even more tasty.
You’ll be able to taste the marinade directly, because the same ingredients are used for a dipping sauce.
You’ll also be given soft rice cake paper squares for wrapping the cooked meat along with soybean and red pepper pastes (ssam jang) and fresh garlic.
Do this, and you’ll wind up with the most delectable bundles of food imaginable.
But there’s more to Soowon than grilled meat.
Its banchan (side dishes) are outstanding.
Made with fresh seasonal ingredients, the banchan change daily, and you’ll get at least 10 of them.