Without a doubt one of the more popular premium Korean BBQs in the city, Soowon Galbi boasts high-quality, prime grade meat served in a dark, intimate dining room. The smoke and steam never really seems to dissipate, giving Soowon a near-mystical feeling, but the reality is that the table-top grills burning with charcoal pieces complete the experience. There’s the succulent kkot ssal, thin strips of tender, fatty short rib, as well as more moderately priced jumulluk, short rib chunks that are lightly marinated in garlic and sesame oil. The Soowon wang galbi, the house special marinated short rib, comes out slightly salty, but packs a flavor punch once it gets a slight sear on the hot grill. Service is a standout at Soowon, where servers generally initiate and manage the cooking until the last bit, when diners are encouraged to pick meat off at their own preference. The banchan at Soowon also remains a cut above other spots, using freshly pickled kimchi cucumbers, almonds tossed with anchovies, and ultra-intense kimchi that tastes wonderful with bites of galbi.